Every year the world’s most spectacular superyachts gather in Gustavia’s harbor for the prestigious St. Barths Bucket.

The St Barths Bucket Regatta is an invitational regatta. Participation is offered to cruising yachts whose length is 30.5 meters or greater, or those yachts that meet the 90’ Class criteria. The 2019 regatta will also offer a ‘Corinthian Spirit (Les Voiles Blanche)’ class.

This three-day invitational regatta features top-notch racing and exclusive shore side social events, all in a breathtaking Caribbean setting.

2019 St Barths Bucket:21 – 24 March 2019

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2019 St Barths Bucket Blog Updates

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As Good As It Gets

ST. BARTHS (23 March 2019) – On the second day of racing at the St. Barths Bucket, 34 superyachts enjoyed a quick pace around 23- to 26-mile “Not So Wiggly” courses, ironically named, since they were indeed quite wiggly, winding around turning marks that were the...

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As the Winch Turns 2019: Day 2

Ian Craddock, captain of Kaori, was also the superyacht’s captain 25 years ago when it was known as Mandalay and its owner, publisher Nelson Doubleday, suggested a Bucket regatta for St. Barths. As it happens, it fell on the shoulders of Craddock and some of his...

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As the Winch Turns 2019: Day 1

Last night, while hundreds of Bucketeers were enjoying the opening of the Bucket Bar on the Capitainerie and music by popular island singer Soley, over 300 owners and special guests headed to Nikki Beach for the annual Owner’s Party. Dressed in elegantly casual island...

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Official 2019 Charities: Help St. Barth and Coral Restoration St Barth

The St Barths Bucket is proud of its annual contributions to worthy causes in St Barths. A portion of the yacht owner’s entry fee and all the proceeds from the sale of the popular Bucket posters go to a charity.

Help St. Barth logoFor 2019, the entry portion will be donated to Help Saint Barth — St Barth Initiative. It is the official collective of non-profit organizations that the Collectivité de Saint Barthélemy has handpicked to help the island’s continuing recovery in the aftermath of hurricane Irma. This includes reconstruction, victim assistance and helping nature take its course though the ongoing restoration of the island’s beautiful resources.

The Bucket has requested that 50% of the contribution be made to Coral Restoration St Barth — the association engaged in the restoration and repopulation of the damaged marine reef.

Allocation of the other 50% will be at the discretion of the initiative.

Learn more at: Coral Restoration St Barth and St Barth Fondation

Poster sales proceeds will be presented to the Youth Sailing Program at the St Barths Yacht Club. SBYC is an active sailing school and their priority is the youth of St Barths. They offer many programs starting at very early ages. On an island, learning to sail is as important as learning to swim. Over 400 children participate every year. Here the children learn to respect each other and their environment, the sea. They also learn how to be responsible and cooperative in the pursuit of their goals.

SBYC is not a conventional yacht club. Resources and budgets are far more limited than what one would expect to find in a typical club. The Bucket donations make a significant and meaningful difference.

Limited edition posters are available for sale at Space Gallery St Barth. The gallery graciously donates their time and energy handling the sales.

21 – 24 March 2019

Future Bucket Regatta Dates

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2019 Bucket Regatta

21-24 March 2019

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19-22 March 2020

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18-21 March 2021

2022 Bucket Regatta

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