Every year the world’s most spectacular superyachts gather in Gustavia’s harbor for the prestigious St. Barths Bucket.

This three-day invitational regatta features top-notch racing and exclusive shore side social events,
all in a breathtaking Caribbean setting.


15 – 18 March 2018


As the Winch Turns: Day 4

  Lots of champagne, Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque to be specific, rained on top-three finishers when they took the stage at the Bucket awards ceremony last night. Chelsea Clock awards were raised high with pride by class winners, while the ultimate prize, the slightly...

As the Winch Turns: Day 3

Last night was a night to remember for both sailors and townies alike who numbered in the hundreds at the Bucket “Yacht Hop.” For those who had wrist bands, onboard inspection of the magnificent machines was a privilege and a treat, and for those who did not, there...

Big Wins, Close Finishes

t is hard to remember a Bucket Regatta where so many trophies were at stake going into the last day. As it was, today’s one long race, running clockwise around the island of St. Barths and punctuated by a colorful downwind finish, determined podium...

Official 2018 Charity: Help St. Barth

Hurricane Irma presented an early and urgent opportunity for the traditional St Barths Bucket donation. There has never been a more worthy, timely cause. In the immediate aftermath of the horrific September storm, we were able to help with some critical supplies and logistical assistance. Urgent needs included chainsaws for clearing roads and byways and tarps for the many roofs that were lost or damaged.

With the full support of the Stewards, the Bucket organizers coordinated stateside logistics and arranged for the purchase, shipping and payment of high priority goods and transportation. The courage and determination of the people of St Barths was, and continues to be, an inspiration.

Through the sales of the 2018 St Barths Bucket poster, we can provide further financial aid to help those people most in need as they continue to rebuild and refurbish on this most beautiful island.

Future Bucket Regatta Dates:

15-18 March 2018

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